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Dr. Tom Pousti

Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal
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8851 Center Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, California 91942
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Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal
in Riverside
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La Jolla, CA 92037
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Frequent Questions About Laser Hair Removal & Laser Tattoo Removal in San Diego

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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Q: What areas can be treated with the laser for hair removal?
A: Virtually any part of your body with unwanted hair can be treated, including the bikini line, underarms, legs, chest, shoulders, back, lip, chin, neck, and feet.

Q: Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?
A: No. After several laser hair removal treatments (usually 3-5), patients may need to “treat” the involved area once every several months.

Q: How many laser hair removal sessions do I need to achieve smooth skin?
A: Most people will need 3 to 6 treatments. In some areas, such as the legs, faster results will be achieved. Keep in mind that results will vary from person to person.

Q: How soon do I expect to see the results of laser hair removal? How do I know it is working for me?
A: You will see results starting with your VERY FIRST laser hair removal session. The hair growth will be less and the hairs finer and weaker; your skin will become smoother; and the hair pores on your skin will become less visible after each session. The results will become more impressive with each new laser hair removal session you undergo.

Q: Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?
A; For most San Diego patients and most treatment areas the answer is no. You will feel an initial cool spray followed by a “warm” sensation (some patients describe a sensation as if several hairs are being plucked out). Sensitive areas such as the lip and bikini area may be helped by a local anesthetic but most patients do not need this.

Q: Can I choose to achieve fewer, finer hairs in some areas rather than a full removal?
A: Yes you can. We can customize your treatment according to your needs and expectations. You can weaken and reduce your hair in any area while still leaving a certain amount.

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

Q: Is laser tattoo removal permanent?
A: Yes.

Q: How many treatments will I need for the tattoo to be completely gone?
A: San Diego laser tattoo removal patients are all different. On average, it takes 3-7 treatments for the tattoo to fade.

Q: Does the laser remove all colors of tattoos?
A: The laser has many wavelengths that allow it to treat multi-colored tattoos but there are still some colors that are more difficult to treat. At your consultation, Dr. Pousti will discuss the probable outcome of your specific tattoo.

Q: Can I re-tattoo over the area treated?
A: Yes. Once the skin has healed completely, you can get another tattoo in the same area if you’d like.

Q & A with Tom J. Pousti, MD